window tint scratch


Why is Tint Protector
    Felt the Best on the Market?


What is causing my window tint to streak and scratch and how can Tint Protector Moleskin Felt help?

Every car door has weather strip seals on either side of the window glass. These weather-strips touch the window creating a seal to help keep dirt, water and noise from entering your door panel and vehicle. If you look close you will notice the outside seal has a fuzzy layer of felt applied to it.

Certain models of cars only have felt on one side of the window canal of the door. Their manufacturers neglected to put this felt on the inside seal of the window.

This inside window seal is made of hard plastic. With no felt applied to it like the outside seal, the hard weather strip will start to collect dirt and dust which in turn rubs against your expensive window tint causing vertical lines and scratches. Here is an example of what scratched tint looks like.

This not only looks cosmetically bad, but it destroys the window film causing you to have to return to the tint shop and re-tint the car all over again.

 Window tint scratching

All of our anti-scratch window tint kits use our exclusive high temperature automotive grade "MoleSkin" felt. Our felt has a tremendously strong adhesive backing that can withstand more moisture and heat than any other MoleSkin felt on the market today. This super strong adhesive is critical due to the fact the inside of your door panel can reach temperatures of 200+ degrees in the summer.

Other Moleskin felt not manufactured by Tint Protector lacks our special adhesive resin. It detaches from the weather strip due to excessive heat or by getting wet.

The front "felt" part of Tint Protector's MoleSkin has been upgraded over generic MoleSkin to better absorb the fine particles that can get trapped in-between your hard plastic window seal and the tinted glass window.

It is very important to have a thin soft absorbent felt with an adhesive that can withstand moisture and extreme heat. A felt that is too thick or has weak adhesive will detach after a short time.

Tint Protector felt has many other uses as well. You can use it to soften the touch of hard plastics within a car, such as inside the door pockets and storage bins. Door pockets are usually hard plastic and don't have any sort of cushioning or soft lining. Hard plastic can damage cell phone finishes, eye glasses and i-pods et.

If you line the ashtray, cup holders and center console with our MoleSkin you will have less rattles and your goods will be more protected against scratching.

Our felt has 100's of uses around the house. It has such a durable adhesive, you can even use it for outside applications.