Tint Protector Felt is a custom manufactured sticky back moleskine felt with an extremely strong adhesive
backing. It consists of a black colored fine felt bonded to an extremely strong heat and water resistant adhesive coated backing.

Our felt is the ONLY one on the market that is designed exclusively for automobile use.

If it's not manufactured by Tint Protector, it will not last. PERIOD.

Why is Tint Protector Felt the Best on the Market?

Tint Protector MoleSkin Felt can
withstand immense heat, moisture,
cold and abuse. Once installed it
will last for years and years.

There are literally 100's of uses for
our felt other than to stop window
tint from scratching. It can be used
to stop squeaks and to line your hard plastic bins.

Unlike the generic felt you find elseware, Tint Protector MoleSkin will withstand extreme abuse and temperature fluctuations.

Here is a picture of an automobile
weather strip with no Tint Protector moleskin felt applied.
(Click to enlarge picture below)


The hard plastic accumulates dirt
and rubs  against your tinted windows causing scratches.
Here is an example of scratched tint.

Our Tint Protector felt is applied to this hard plastic window seal. The finished product looks like this. (Click to enlarge picture below)

This product was developed to STOP car window tint scratching first and foremost. It was designed to withstand the test of time and abuse. NO other Felt on the market is made solely or this purpose


All MoleSkin for sale is not created alike!


Other Moleskin felt not manufactured by Tint Protector lacks our special adhesive resin. It falls off leaving glue on your tint. Many tint shops us cheap moleskin to save money and it ends up costing them more in the end with all the warranty claims.