window tint scratch  


Why is Tint Protector's Felt better than ANY other moleskin felt on the market?

The bottom line is we manufacture our own moleskin. It is designed specifically for automobile window tint anti scratch purposes.

ALL the other moleskin you find that does not have our name on it was not intended for this purpose. It is generic household moleskin felt. The adhesive and felt was not made to withstand high heat or to get wet. It won't last.

All our anti-scratch window tint kits use our exclusive high temperature automotive grade "MoleSkin" felt. Our felt has a tremendously strong adhesive backing that can withstand more moisture and heat than any other MoleSkin felt on the market today. This super strong adhesive is critical due to the fact the inside of your door panel can reach temperatures of 200+ degrees in the summer.

Other Moleskin felt not manufactured by Tint Protector lacks our special adhesive resin. It detaches from the weather strip due to excessive heat or by getting wet.

The front "felt" part of Tint Protector's MoleSkin has been upgraded over generic MoleSkin to better absorb the fine particles that can get trapped in-between your hard plastic window seal and the glass tinted window.

It is very important to have a thin soft absorbent felt with an adhesive that can withstand moisture and extreme heat. A felt that is too thick or has weak adhesive will detach after a short time.

Here is a picture of an automobile weather strip with no Tint Protector moleskin felt applied. (Click to enlarge pictures below)


The hard plastic accumulates dirt and rubs  against your tinted windows causing scratches. Here is an example of scratched tint.

Our Tint Protector felt is applied to this hard plastic window seal. The finished product looks like this. (photo to the right)

This product was developed to STOP car window tint scratching first and foremost. It was designed to withstand the test of time and abuse. NO other Felt on the market is made solely or this purpose!