"Our MoleSkin Felt is installed
on your car windows inside
hard plastic weather strip.
Just cut, peel and stick!
The installation is completely
It's that easy."






To prevent your window tint from scratching
you need to apply our MoleSkin felt to
the inside of your windows weather strip.
The installation is completely hidden.

Each Anti Scratch Kit Includes:

A detailed set of installation instructions
designed specifically for your SSR.
It comes
complete with illustrations,
photographs, and tips.

Our tremendously strong sticky back MoleSkin
Just cut, peel and stick! Each kit includes
enough MoleSkin for all your windows
on your SSR.

Our MoleSkin felt has no rival!

We offer our own exclusive Tint Protector
brand sticky back felt.

Our "MoleSkin" has an extremely strong
adhesive backing that can withstand more
moisture and heat than any felt on the
market today.
Just cut, peel and stick!
It's that easy.








Chevrolet SSR Kit:
You only need one kit per SSR.Add to Cart

Price: $29.99
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